Last Month in Short

Снимка, подходяща за месеца

Weather summary – November 2021 in Bulgaria

National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
01 December 2021, Sofia



November 2021 was among the warmest months of November since 2010. The monthly mean temperatures are between 6 and 11 °С and they deviate from the climate norm by +0.5 – +4.5°С.  It was warmer than average in the periods 1-9.XI, 22-23.XI and colder in 10-13.XI and 24-26.XI. The highest maximum temperatures were between 17 and 30 °C and were mostly measured on 5-6.XI. But the highest of all was taken in Veliko Tarnovo (Central North Bulgaria) on 5.XI – 32.4 °С. The lowest minimum temperatures were mostly between -8 and 1 °C and were mostly measured during the period 25-26.XI or on 12.XI but along the Black Sea coast they were between 0 and 5 °С. The lowest minimum temperature of all was measured at Cherni Vrah peak (2286 m) on 20.XI - -8.8 °С.

November 2021 was one of the driest months of November since 2012. The monthly amounts of precipitation were between 13% and 57% of normal, based on data until 29.XI..  The rainy days were on 2-3.XI, 9-10.XI, 23-24.XI and 26-30.XI. The biggest 24-hour rainfall amount was measured in the Rhodopes (Central South Bulgaria) on 29..XI  – 49 mm. A Mediterranean cyclone developed south of the country for the last day of November and brought snow at higher lands in West Bulgaria including around Sofia – the capital. The snow depth in Sofia reached 12 cm in the morning on 30.XI..

This information is preliminary. The official Monthly Bulletin (only in Bulgarian) is issued between 17th and 25th of the month following the analysed month.