NIMH: Main Activities and Tasks

NIMH is the chief executive of research and opperational activities in Meteorology, Agrometeorology and Hydrology in Bulgaria. These activities follow the standards and regulations of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). NIMH is the official representative of Bulgaria in the WMO.

Activities of NIMH

  • Monitoring, analysis, and forecast of atmospheric and hydrospheric processes;
  • Study of spatial-temporal characteristics of climate and water resources;
  • Study and forecasting of atmospheric and hydrospheric composition and its variations of natural and anthropogenic origin;
  • Hydrometeorological Service for the territory of the country and the Black Sea of the state authorities, population and a wide range of users with specialized information;
  • Protecting lives and property through timely prediction of hazardous and weather and flooding;
  • Representation in the World Meteorological Organization;
  • Provision of national and international data exchange in South Eastern Europe and the Middle East for the World Weather Watch (WWW).

Research Priorities

  • Improving the network of measuring stations, the methods of monitoring, transmission, processing and interpretation of data.
  • Evaluation of hydro-meteorological resources: climatic, agroclimatic and water, their fluctuations throughout the country and their influence on the economy.
  • Developing, implementation and sustaining modern methods for short- and medium-range forecast of hydro-meteorological processes, such as numerical modelling, satellite data acquisition and processing, radar data interpretation, etc.
  • Development of methods for long-term weather forecasting.
  • Studying of clouds physics and holding aerologichni measurements.
  • Studying of atmospheric and hydrospheric composition and its variations of natural and anthropogenic origin. Modelling pollutants transfer, and sediment regime of rivers.

National and International Commitments of NIMH

  • Providing public authorities with data analysis and expert forecasts for hydro-meteorological processes in the country and western Black Sea.
  • Issue of short-range forecasts and expert analyses for the needs of Civil Defense, Standing Governmental Committee for Protect the Population from Disaster, defense and others.
  • Maintenance of the national hydro-meteorological records.
  • Preparation of analyses, expertise, advice and predictions for air and water pollution dynamics.
  • Representation of Bulgaria in the World Meteorological Organization. NIMH takes part in WMO's largest program "World Weather Watch" through the national net of meteorological stations and the Reginal Telecommunication Centre for South-Eastern Europe and the Near East in Sofia.