InDUST - International Network to Encourage the Use of Monitoring and Forecasting Dust Products (inDUST)

Funded by the Program Cooperation in Science and technology - COST CA 160202

The main goal of inDUST is to create a network of scientific organizations, service providers and end users in order to harmonize and optimize the transfer to different users of products that are the result of observations and / or numerical forecasts for airbornel dust in the atmosphere.

The research of the NIMH team aims to enrich and support traditional activities related to dust in the atmosphere - forecast of invasions with increased amounts of dust (most often from the Sahara), modeling of pollutant transport processes in the atmosphere, research on chemical composition of dust particles and precipitation.

NIMH helps to establish contacts with experts at national and regional level who are potentially interested in inDUST products. NIMH prepares expert assessments related to the transfer of Saharan dust to our country and contributes to better informing the general public about the potential effects on various socio-economic activities.