Innovative Public Transport, Meeting the Demand for Cleaner Air in Urban Environments (INNOAIR)


The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology is a partner in the project Innovative public transport, meeting the demand for cleaner air in urban environments (INNOAIR), co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the initiative "Urban Innovative Actions"

The project is coordinated by Sofia Municipality in a partnership with 2 more universities, 2 non-governmental organizations and 2 companies.

According to the Deputy Mayor of Sofia Municipality, Mr. Christian Krastev - Project Manager, “INNOAIR is a look into the future, refracted through the prism of current problems with traffic and polluted air. The drive for cleaner air forms a strong collaboration between scientists, businesses and citizens and led to ambitious and unprecedented public transport services that need to be tested. ”

As part of the project, Sofia will launch the Green Public Transport on Demand initiative, which will change the way public transport operates. Instead of traveling on predetermined routes, the new electric buses will create a route map based on the demand of citizens requested through a mobile application.

The participation of NIMH is mainly related to the use of modern approaches in modeling air pollution in urban environments, as well as to conducting 2 experimental campaigns aimed at determining the effect of various measures on the concentrations of hydrocarbons and fine dust particles. Analyzing data from all available stations for monitoring air pollution in the capital and traffic data, NIMH will perform a pilot modeling of the impact of traffic on air quality in the city.

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