Study of Black Carbon and Some Important Hydrocarbons in the Atmospheric Aerosol in an Urban Environment (CARBOAERSOL)

Project main goal /Challenge: Оbtain new knowledge about the concentrations and spatio-temporal variations of some biologically and ecologically significant species in particulate matter in Bulgaria with the use of unique modern methodology and devices for carbon and carbon containing species (BC/BrC and PAHs) in PM2.5.

Research objectives:

  • Establishment of harmonized database for the concentrations of BC and PAHs in PM2.5 in urban environment (Sofia and Burgas).;
  • Study of statistical relationships between the concentrations of PM2.5, BC and PAHs and meteorological parameters.;
  • Analysis of modelling results for the studied species for the territory of the country and comparison to data from the experimental campaigns.

Project Title:"Study of black carbon and some important hydrocarbons in the atmospheric aerosol in an urban environment."

Project Number: Project № КП-06-Н34/9/19.12.2019

Duration: 36 months, start date 19.12.2019.

Funding: Competition for financial support of fundamental research – 2019, National Science Found, Ministry of Education and Science.

Priority area: Earth Sciences

Total Budget: 119 790

Project website: