PROJECT H_SAF - Application of satellite products for the purposes of operational hydrology and water management - phase 3

Уеб страница на проекта:

Ръководител: доц. д-р Ерам Артинян

The project is funded by EUMETSAT and involves research institutes and laboratories from many countries in Europe: Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, France, Turkey, Bulgaria, Finland, Belgium. The European Center for Medium range weather Forecasts is also a partner in the H-SAF project.

Bulgaria participates in the project through a team of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, including specialists from the departments of Hydrology, Meteorology and the branches of NIMH.

The project is aimed at enrichment and spatial clarification of information on water resources: amount and intensity of precipitation, dynamics of water content in the soil, snow cover parameters: snow thickness, snow water content, snow condition (wet / dry).

The production of the products requires going through several phases of development until they are accepted for use in operational mode. Each phase passed is approved by independent evaluators on the basis of statistical comparison data from (in most cases) ground-based values.

The tasks within the project are:

  1. Extraction and computer processing of satellite information from the product line of the project. This is done in steps of one calendar year from June 1 to May 31, each year:
  • For precipitation: products H01, H02, H03, H05, H15 in the European or global range.
  • For soil moisture: products H08 - surface layer of soil, H14 - root-inhabited layer, H16.
  • For products related to the snow cover.
  • Compilation of tables of data from the NIMH precipitation network, including the compilation of tables of one-hour values ​​of the amount of precipitation and 24-hours sum of precipitation for periods of one year from 1 June to 31 May.
  • Compilation of data tables for the soil moisture measured by NIMH automatic stations and agro-meteorological observers.
  • Statistical verification (validation) of the satellite data against the data from the measured precipitation and the measured soil moisture. This is done with procedures and software that are controlled and updated. In terms of soil moisture, software developed at NIMH is used, as well as MSExcel.
  • Preparation of "key studies" with comparisons for specific cases with periods of intense rainfall.
  • Preparation of comparative analyzes of the data from satellite products for soil moisture (H08 and H14) compared to the data from the model simulations of soil moisture with the ISBA model.
  • Preparation of various hydrological models and performance of model simulations of the outflow in the rivers for certain river basins (Varbitsa, Chepelarska, Iskar, Ogosta), where at the entrance of the models data from satellite-diagnosed precipitation or soil moisture are used.
  • Preparation of hydrological information - time series of water quantities, from the NIMH network, for the same rivers and periods from item 7.
  • Statistical comparison of the data from the hydrological series with the data from the model simulations for the same rivers and periods from item 7. This is done every year, using the data from 1.6 to 31.5 of the previous year.
  • Participation in workshops, preparation and presentation of presentations, participation in research and publications.
  • In the scientific plan of NIMH a scientific task is being developed, studying the possibilities for the use of the soil moisture data from product H14 in the preparation of hydrological and agrometeorological forecasts.