MASRI - Infrastructure for Sustainable Development in the Field of Marine Research, Linked to the Participation of Bulgaria in the European Infrastructure (Euro-Argo)

Infrastructure for sustainable development in the field of marine research, linked to the participation of Bulgaria in the European infrastructure (Euro-Argo) ”- (MASRI / MASRI), part of the National Roadmap for Scientific Infrastructure 2017-2023, funded by the Ministry of Education and Science.
The mission of MASRI is to build and use modern scientific infrastructure that will provide the basis for highly effective marine research, to expand our knowledge of the marine environment and to support blue growth and the implementation of maritime policy and maritime spatial planning, to achieve Goal 14 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Plan: Conservation and sustainable use of the oceans, seas and marine resources.

MASRI is a large-scale, interdisciplinary (physics, chemistry, biology, geology, aquaculture, medicine, energy, underwater and ocean technologies) marine research infrastructure of great scientific importance and will ensure the creation of unique facilities (including databases and computer network), which will be widely available at national, regional and international level for multidisciplinary marine research.

The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology is a key partner and the main goal is to modernize and develop the research infrastructure of NIMH - Varna branch and to improve the quality, volume and scope of data on the elements and dynamics of climate in the field of marine meteorology (sea waves, sea water temperature, salinity, etc.).

To fulfill the set goals, a network of automatic oceanographic buoys with real-time communication is being built along the entire Bulgarian Black Sea coast - Ahtopol, Emine, Burgas, Varna, Kaliakra, Shabla.

The implementation of the project activities in NIMH will improve and provide the necessary services for the business sectors, including

  • Fisheries and marine ecosystem
  • Maritime transport in the coastal zone
  • Marine and coastal facilities
  • Tourism and services related to the coastal zone
  • Energy projects related to marine hazards and climate.

Project manager on behalf of NIMH: eng. Ivan Ivanov, branch director - Varna
Project website:

We are pleased to announce that the system for real-time data for sea waves, sea water temperature and wind is up and running