Satellite Information Downscaled to Urban Air Quality in Bulgaria (SIDUAQ)

The overall objective of the project „Satellite Information Downscaled to Urban Air Quality in Bulgaria” is to use the opportunities given by satellite observations for improvement of air quality management at national and local level in Bulgaria for the city of Plovdiv. The goal will be achieved by synergetic use of data from ESA satellites (METOP, Sentinel 5P, etc.), in situ air quality monitoring and air pollution dispersion modeling systems.

Satellite information has not been used for such purposes in Bulgaria so far. Within SIDUAQ project satellite data will supplement the irregular in situ monitoring network in the country in order to better analyse the spatial distribution of pollutants.

The project results will support national institutions and local authorities in planning and taking measures for air pollution control and reduction on a medium and long term sustainable basis.

Duration:  15.06.2018–15.06.2020
Project manager: Assos. prof.  Emilia Georgieva
Funding organization: European Space Agency
Leading contractor: National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
Subcontractor: Space Research and Technology Institute at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences