Lightening Detection

Hourly (in UTC) and space distribution of lightenings registerred over Bulgarian territory during the last day - from 0h to 24h (ATDnet)

The Met Office designed and built "ATDnet" long range lightning location system is capable of locating thunderstorms at distances in excess of 10,000km and is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.ATDnet (Arrival Time Differing NETwork) is in use since 1987 and its sensors are in Europe, Northern Africa and the North Atlantik.


Snow Cover

Height of the snow cover according to data from NIMH stations at 7.30 h on the date indicated on the map. It is updated once a day by 12 o'clock. Left scale—snow cover in centimeters. Right scale—altitude in meters for places without snow cover.